Now I can see what some beautiful faithful servants say. When we live testifying about His greatness, we keep seeing God’s love in everything. I am now seeing His love and faithfulness almost daily. I used to only see when I was searching for it.

Now I am understanding how much stillness God requires of us to remain in His perfect will and perfect peace. Daily we have to choose. Its a battle of the mind to decide to live in love.

I know God’s promises are the same today and forever. Trust even when its a complicated day. If you have a thought about someone, text them words of encouragement. God is everywhere all day everyday just acknowledge Him.

I am asking Him for Spiritual Giants in my life and I am definitely seeing how beautifully He sets us up. Ask and you shall receive. I am seeing all this beautiful provision. We only need to be Still and know that He is God. 🌈

Pray with me today…

Jesus come into my heart and make me be more like you today and always.

In Jesus name. Amen.

God loved you and so do I.

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