Exalting His Love, His blessings, His wonders, His grace, and His mercy…

Their is power in the name of Jesus.

We have a supernatural God so we should not doubt about the wonderful things that He can do in our lives. A supernatural God should not be limited.

Today I will share one of the many beautiful experiences I live at God’s feet. There is no higher place than to be at Jesus’ feet.

I go to this bakery to buy breakfast for my mother. I see this lady glowing in a way I cannot explain. God makes me feel, in my heart, that I have to pray for her. I tell Abba (God): “I have so many things to do and my mother would get angry if her breakfast arrives cold.” In disobedience to God, I leave to take the warm breakfast, over to my mother. Come on, I was still honoring my mother. Well the truth, I did not want to have her get upset. When I arrive at her house the most important part of her breakfast was not there. It was God’s confirmation that I had to go back to the Bakery and pray for the lady. As soon as I get in the car I start speaking to Abba (God): “God if you want me to pray for this lady she will be getting in her car.” As soon as I arrive and I am going into the bakery, I hear a car door close. Guess who just got in her car! The lady I had to pray for. So after the 3rd confirmation I go to the lady’s car window and knock. I explain that through God, in obedience, I was there to pray for her, I explained in detail to her that this was because God called her out specifically that she should be blessed today. She accepted! So I prayed and it was such an incredible healing prayer that only the Holy Spirit of God can provide. It was a prayer to restore a broken heart, it was a prayer to heal you inside out. A true prayer of Love. God’s Love. God is love! Thank you Jesus.

The person next to her was a family friend, I also prayed for her. Two days later I received her call. It was unexpected because she did not have my number. She called and confirmed that the lady that I prayed for had been praying to God for two weeks to receive healing in order to travel back to her home country. She was leaving the next day after we prayed and she received her healing just as she had asked for. Wow, this is a testimony for me of how God is always on time, never late. If we ask, the promise is “ask and you shall receive.” The secret is the fervent prayer.

When we are willing to live in God’s obedience we experience things that we can not explain. In John 20:30 says that Jesus did many other miracles, signs, and wonders that are not written in the bible.

The power of prayer has no limits, porque nuestro Dios no tiene limites.

Their is power in the name of Jesus!

Like you say: listen to the word of God… He will call us by name…

Genesis 12:1 – The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

He will call you! Believe and you shall receive. Loving God above all else.

Pray with me today:

Thank you Jesus for opening our senses to your love, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Thank you for brave souls to discern your voice and your ways through love in Jesus name, Amen.

Jesus loves you and so do I.

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