You only need to look. Trust me.

God has a way of loving us in different ways. To see God, move in our lives we have to be willing to look for Him in action. The majority of people that are not willing to give God a chance is due to bad experiences. The bad experiences could include but are not limited to trauma, the early loss of a loved one, having devout parents, or religious circles that are so strict that created emotional scars. If you are one of these individuals, its ok to feel and it’s better to LET GO. To forgive is freedom. I am one to know. So, give God a chance to be your friend. Decide now to talk to God like if He was your best friend in the whole wide world. Try this and sooner than later He will start responding to your conversations, requests, and/or even your questions. Remember that Jesus explained that we have to be like a child to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Faith is to believe even before you can see your answer or your provision. Think about it! The best thing a child has its his or her “make believe” imagination. In other words faith is that you must believe whatever your asking, dreaming, thinking, planning, and praying it’s on its way. Some people say, that they never get to see what they prayed for. Well, I do have something to say about that. In the book of James (a book of the bible) it briefly explains that if you only ask to waist in your own pleasures, than you ask wrong. So, we need to really meditate on God’s word, so we can ask according to God’s expectations. I have now a 10 year relationship with our God, I can assure you that whatever He chooses for you is way better than whatever you are expecting. The decisions He asks you to make are always in His perfect timing, in the perfect place, and with the perfect people. God has a way to device circumstances that turn out so much better than what you had in mind. We can plan our lives but if we leave it in His hands first, He will carry out the schedule better than the one we set up. I am so thankful I trust God. I used to be the person that got so upset at a change of schedule. Now I can see His divine hand in everything He chooses for my life. I thank God for the way He manages my life and schedules it daily. I have never been so blessed. I am not perfect, I still have to help and work on so many things, but He keeps tweaking and changing me. Today was a perfect example of seeing God’s hand in everything. I had made an appointment at 12. I thought it was at 11 am and got there early with time to spear. My daughter called at 10am from camp that she had forgotten her towel. So, I went to get her early with her towel. I was not rushed in my appointment because everyone was taken care of. I know if God had not sent me to pick her up early, I would have had to get out in the middle of my appointment to go and pick her up. God has a perfect plan and God really does the best, so we remain in His perfect rest.

The cashier from the bank can see God’s hand and unfailing love when her finances and investments take a turn for the best. The lawyer sees God’s hand when He helps with the findings of a much-needed evidence to solve a case. The widow sees the hand of God when she gets an unexpected prayer from another believer to heal her heart. The mother saw the hand of God when her daughter got cured from multiple medical conditions. I can see the hand of God in a morning full of butterflies just outside my door (These days of summer it has happened a lot). I can see His hand in a beautiful rainbow that just showed me that He is with us. I can see Him in a sun rise and a sun set. Its says in His loving and perfect word seek and you will find, knock and the door will open. We only need to be still and know that He is God. Let go and let him Be God.  I love and serve a God of wonders.


Choose to love God. Remember, God already chose to Love you. He gives peace that surpasses all understanding, for those who choose to love Him.


Pray with me today…


Jesus, I ask you to come into my heart and make your home inside of me.

Jesus, fill me with your love, faith, and wisdom to serve you daily according to your purpose.

Jesus, break every chain of addiction, heartbreak, hate in my life and the life of all those who I love.

May you be blessed and filled with the holy spirit, with wisdom and understanding.


Jesus loves you and so do I.

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