God loves you. God has a love for us that he would go to ends of the earth literally to make sure He gets to meet us and love us. God kept on seeking me in the midst of my disaster. God wanted me to be in Love with the Creator. God wanted me to put Him first. God knew that if I put Him first my life would align perfectly for the destiny he had in store for me. Each individual has his own faith walk. Daily abandoning yourself in your Creator’s hands is key. Imagine getting everything you ever wanted. Imagine trusting the Lord even when the circumstances tell you that nothing will work out. This is what submitting to His will means. Trusting in the doubt. Trusting in the storms of life. Peter went walking on the water in the middle of the storm because Jesus told him it was ok. So, why did Peter started to sink? What happened to his faith? What caused his unbelief? He looked away from Jesus to see the powerful storm and got scared. God is asking us to keep our eyes set on things above and not bellow. We can only do this if we choose that mentality daily. God’s word explains that we should renew our mind. This is a daily task. God gave us His word to guide us and to be our sword in our time of need. What are we fighting? I have come to the conclusion that most of our fights are generated in our minds. The devil has moved in our minds for years with radical ideas that take our minds away from God’s love and to make sure we adopt a fear mentality. We have to choose daily to read the bible and seek the word that helps us with what we are dealing at the moment. If it is anxiety go to Philippians 4, if you are dealing with fear read psalm 91, and if you are needing love become love to receive it without measure by reading daily 1 Corinthians 13.

I ask the Lord daily to help me die to myself. It has been quite a journey. To walk in the Spirit of God is to learn to be a yielded vessel. God can flow through us when we submit to His will knowing too well that he forgave all our sins and its through grace that we walk with Him. This means that our own wants and needs are set aside, and we put on our God’s attributes to serve Him and His wants and needs. The incredible thing is, that once you learn to die to your self-love, you begin to love God above all else and want the same things God wants. I know for a fact that every day is a new opportunity to start over and become that yielded vessel. God is waiting for!


Start over today.

Pray this prayer with me:


Father I choose You above myself.

Jesus come into my heart and make your home inside of me.

Holy Spirit guide me to understanding and wisdom on how to love.


God bless you. Keep fighting the good fight.

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